Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Posted on 21 Apr 2017 02:12 CET | Tip viewed: 63 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Blackcrow (Australia)

Match date: 21 Apr 2017 | Sport: Football | Competition: Australia Football

Odds: 5.50 | Stake: 4/10 | Pick: Western Sydney to win and both teams to score | Match result: 1-1 - Lost

Brisbane, finished third and come into this semi final series with some good home form, winning their last three home games, beating Wellington (7th) 4-3, beat Central Coast (8th) 5-1 and beat Melbourne Victory (2nd) 1-0. They also have a good recent record against Western Sydney at home, having won three and drawn one of their last five games (scores have been 2-1, 1-1, 3-2, 1-4, 1-0). However they have key midfielder McKay out who does much of the hard work in defending the back four, as well as the untimely announcement that they will not renew a local favourite (Broich) contract for next season, which has not gone down well within the team.

Western Sydney finished sixth and have been building momentum coming into this final series. They have won three and drawn two of their last five games, and on the road where they have had problems all year, they have won two and drawn one of their last four away games, as they drew 2-2 at Adelaide (9th), won 3-0 at Newcastle (10th - last), lost 2-0 in Perth (5th) and won 3-1 in Wellington. They have a fully fit squad, and they are a team that generally comes good at the end of the season, so they are ready for this game.

In the three meetings this season, Brisbane won 2-1 at home, drew 1-1 at home, and drew 1-1 at Western Sydney, so these games have seen goals in them. Neither defence has been shown to be consistently solid all season, so expect them to conceded, especially with McLaren and Santalab for both sides in very good goalscoring form. Almost to the day, Western Sydney edged Brisbane out 5-4 in extra time after being down 0-3 so that game will be fresh in both teams minds. Ultimately, like the away side to prevail, as it just seems that they are timing their run into this game at the right time, and believe that they have enough across the park to edge them out.

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