Olympiakos vs Dinamo Zagreb

Posted on 04 Nov 2015 09:45 CET | Tip viewed: 276 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Georg357 (Germany)

Match date: 04 Nov 2015 | Sport: Football | Competition: UEFA Champions League

Odds: 1.45 | Stake: 8/10 | Pick: 1 | Match result: 2-1 - Won

Olympiakos is having a great season, in their domestic league they achieved maximum of points, while in Champions league they suffered only one defeat against Bayern Munich. Now they are hosting Dinamo Zagreb in 4th round of Champions league group stage. In their last match two weeks ago Olympiakos celebrated on the road with narrow victory but it can be said that they had a bit of luck, now they will for sure give their best to made one step closer to reach knockout stage. Olympiacos occupies second position in group F with equal number of points as first placed Bayern Munich. Olympiacos showed great performances in this season, they are on good path in Champions league, while in their domestic league they achieved 9 victories out of 9 rounds. They are now fully focused on their match against Croatian Dinamo and for sure will go for a victory in front of their fans. Midfielders Alejandro Dominguez, Giannis Maniatis and Andreas Bouchalakis will miss this match due to injuries while appearance of Esteban Cambiaso is questionable.

Dinamo Zagreb on the other side dropped their form, and after that defeat two weeks ago suffered two more defeats in their domestic league and they fall down to 3rd position at the table, in Champions league group F they are at last position with only three points, and in case that they lost this match they will stay out of chances to reach Champions league knockout stage. They now have imperative to win, but it won't be easy at all since they failed to achieve positive outcome at their field, now is gonna be only harder in this match away from home. Dinamo showed decent performances in this season, they won against Arsenal in first round, but after defeat against Bayern Munich in second round they got out of the track and suffered three more defeats. They are now in very hard position and due to European obligations they also lost domination in their domestic league, so they now must go for a victory at all costs. Defender Ivo Pinto and Gordon Schildenfeld and attacking midfielder Soudani will stay out of action due to injuries while appearances of defender Leonardo German Sigali and forward Domagoj Plavsic are in doubt due to a minor injuries.

Olympiakos had a great season so far, and in case of victory they will made one step closer to a knockout stage in Champions league, they have a very strong team and they need victory now in front of their fans, while Dinamo must show really outstanding performance to win in this match and stay in race for the knockout stage and I expect home victory in this match

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