Malaga vs Granada

Posted on 28 Nov 2015 00:53 CET | Tip viewed: 276 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Georg357 (Germany)

Match date: 28 Nov 2015 | Sport: Football | Competition: Spanish Football

Odds: 1.83 | Stake: 6/10 | Pick: 1 | Match result: 2-2 - Lost

Malaga awaiting Granada in 13th round of Spanish Primera. Malaga currently occupies last position at the table with only nine points from previous 12 rounds. They are in really bad form since this season started and so far achieved only two victories over Deportivo and Real Sociedad. , now they are coming here after three consecutive defeats, against Espanyol, Betis and Gijon. In last season, Malaga ended at decent 9th position and they would be more than satisfied to repeat that result but how thing stands now they will struggle to get out of the relegation zone. Malaga must improve their form and start showing better performances, they now must go for a victory at all costs and try to get back on the track. They are now facing with Granada who's in similar position and for sure are able to achieve positive outcome in front of their fans. Those two victories in this season came at their field and now Malaga is hoping that can celebrate here and start with better result in order to get out from relegation zone as soon as possible. Malaga must improve their goal scoring skills since so far they scored only five goals, they have failed to score in 10 out of 12 matches in Primera. Defender Flavio Ferreira and defensive midfielder Ignacio Camacho will miss this match due to injuries.

Granada on the other hand is at 17th position at the table, only one place above relegation zone and one point less than Malaga. They celebrated in previous round over Athletic Bilbao and ended series of nine consecutive matches without victory. That was their second victory in this campaign, in second round of Primera Granada managed to overcome Getafe.They have positive record in duels against Malaga, in last five matches they celebrated three times and suffered two defeats. They must improve their performances and try to reach safe zone to avoid dropping under red line. In last five matches away from home Malaga failed to win and for sure will be very hard for them to achieve positive outcome in this match. Granada ended previous season at 17th position and now again is very near to the relegation zone, they must improve their game, especially defense since they conceded 20 goals in 12 matches, most in league. defensive midfielder Ruben Perez will miss this match due to a suspension, while also defensive midfielder and attacking midfielder Isaac Success are in doubt due to a slight injuries.

Malaga is in very bad position, they must improve their form and try to get out from relegation zone as soon as possible, and now are hoping that will achieve their third victory in front of their fans in this season, while Granada despite they won in previous match against Bilbao in match where they had a bit of luck will now must play on very high level to achieve positive outcome, I expect that Malaga will manage to win all three points here at their field.

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