Kuban vs Krasnodar

Posted on 04 Dec 2015 01:15 CET | Tip viewed: 336 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Georg357 (Germany)

Match date: 04 Dec 2015 | Sport: Football | Competition: Russian Football

Odds: 1.83 | Stake: 7/10 | Pick: G/G | Match result: 2-3 - Won

After 17 rounds in Russian Premier league Kuban is in relegation zone with 15 points and they now awaiting Krasnodar in 18th round. Previous season they ended at 10th position, not very far from relegation zone and they now must try to improve their form and show much better performances especially in defense since in 17 games they conceded 25 goals while scored 23. They celebrated only two times in league in this season, both victories came at their field and now must try to win at all costs to try to get out from relegation zone. They are coming here after two consecutive draws, against Ufa and Terek while before that suffered defeat against Dynamo Moscow on the road 2:1. In Russian Cup Kuban managed to reach quarter finals by eliminating Spartak Moscow with narrow victory at home. They have negative record in duels against Krasnodar, in last five games they suffered two defeats, got two draws and celebrated once. Kuban must try to get back on the track and to achieve that must try to improve their defense and save their net. As for absent players, defender Denis Yakuba won't participate in this match due to an injury while forward Andrey Arshavin and defender Vladimir Lobkarev are having a problems with minor injuries and their appearances are in doubt.

Krasnodar on the other side is at decent 7th position at the table, they are playing good strong football and so far achieved 7 victories, 6 draws and suffered 4 defeats and only one was at their field against Spartak in 2nd round. Krasnodar ended previous season at third position and they were playing in qualifications for Europa league, in final round they managed to eliminate HJK from Finland and reach Europa league group stage, after five round Krasnodar already won their placement in knockout stage and made great success. Krasnodar also manged to advance into quarter finals of the Cup by eliminating Anzhi at home 3:1. All in all, Krasnodar is doing good job in Europe in this campaign while they also improved their performances in Russian league and in last six rounds achieved five victories and suffered one defeat against Spartak Moscow on the road.So far they scored 26 goals and showed decent goal scoring skills and for sure will now give their best to win and continue with good results in this season. Only goalkeeper Anderi Sinitsyin is having a problems with slight injury and his appearance is in doubt while all other players are fully fit and ready for this match.

Kuban must improve their form if they want to get out from relegation zone and reach higher positions, but to achieve that they must show much better performances than so far, they have no problem with scoring but and must try to save their net since they have one of the weakest defenses in league, Krasnodar meanwhile are doing fine job in Europe, they managed to reach knockout phase and stay in Europa league for the next spring while in Russian Premier league also managed to achieve decent results, I expect open and interesting match with both teams to score.

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