Plymouth vs Northampton

Posted on 11 Jan 2016 18:05 CET | Tip viewed: 194 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Jamie04 (England)

Match date: 12 Jan 2016 | Sport: Football | Competition: England Other Football

Odds: 1.73 | Stake: 7/10 | Pick: G/G | Match result: 1-2 - Won

Plymouth welcoming Northampton in 26th round of English League Two. Plymouth is in great shape, they are coming here after four straight victories in league and managed to overcome crisis in their game and return on the track. Currently are at 1st position at the table with three points and one match more than Northampton and must go for a victory here to retain their leading position. Plymouth is one of the main pretenders for winning the title and direct promotion and if continue in the same manner for sure will achieve great results in this campaign. Previous season they ended at 7th position and have failed to win their promotion in League One in play offs, now seems that are able to win it directly and to achieve that must continue to play on high level. Plymouth has very hard obstacle in front of them now and it won't be easy to achieve positive outcome, in last five duels against them Plymouth achieved five victories and for sure can continue with winning streak. They are playing great offensive football and so far scored 38 goals while did a good defensive job and conceded 20, now must try to exploit advantage of home field and try to repeat result from their first duel against Northampton in this campaign.

Northampton is meanwhile also in good shape, they are coming here after a draw in 1/32 finals of FA Cup against Milton Keynes Dons and must try to find their placement into 1/16 finals in 2nd leg. In league are one of main candidates for the title, in last 11 rounds suffered only one defeat against 4th placed Portsmouth at home 1:2, got one draw and achieved nine victories, now are facing against another great team and must play on very high level to earn all three points and end series of bad results against Plymouth. Northampton also playing great attacking football and after Portsmouth are most effective team in league with 42 goals scored, while also did a good defensive job. Previous season they ended at 12th position and they showed significant improving of their form, for sure will give their best here to achieve positive result and maybe reach leading position.

This will for sure be very interesting clash between two great teams in League Two, both sides showed great goal scoring skills and for sure are capable to achieve good results here, on result of this match depends who will be at 1st position and there is a lot of pressure on both sides, despite that I expect great match and both teams to score.

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