Valencia vs Celta Vigo

Posted on 09 Dec 2017 11:38 CET | Tip viewed: 378 times

Bookmaker: Unibet | Tipster: SLBFan (Portugal)

Match date: 09 Dec 2017 | Sport: Football | Competition: Spanish Football

Odds: 1.80 | Stake: 9/10 | Pick: 1 | Match result: 2-1 - Won

Valencia had one of the best starts of the season in past few years and after 14 matches played in Spanish Primera are at second position at the table with only five points less than leaders Barcelona, they had amazing streak of 15 matches without defeat but in last round during previous weekend were defeated with narrow result on the road by Getafe, that was surprise but Valencia deserved to earn at least one point but they simple couldn't place the ball into opponents net. In 15th round of Spanish Primera they will face with Celta Vigo and victory is a must.

Home team have a chance to get back on winning tracks and i'm convinced that can win this match, last time they played against Celta Vigo in April and celebrated with one goal margin, before that in four duels were defeated. This season was great for Valencia, they now must win and recoup that previous defeat, so far scored 33 goals and i'm quiet sure that can score couple tonight. Hosts had some pretty poor last few seasons and now seems determined to get back among strongest teams in Spain, it's hard to expect from them to win the title but position which leads into Europe would satisfy them. Defenders Garay (10/0), Murillo (8/0) and midfielder Guedes (11/3) are all injured and will miss this duel.

Celta Vigo meanwhile are at 10th position at the middle of the table and can be satisfied with their effort in the new season, they are in good form at this moment and in last three games celebrated two times with one draw, most recently in previous round of Primera they traveled to Barcelona and managed to take one huge [point at Camp Nou, in two games before that at home celebrated with narrow result in Cup over Eibar and in league over Leganes. Most of their defeats so far came on travelings and here against Valencia which were great i doubt that will take something.

Celta Vigo are mediocre side, they had their moments and in last campaign played in Europa league where reached semi finals but there were stopped by Manchester United, playing in Europe affected on their results in Spain and after ending at 13th position they are playing only in domestic league in this campaign, still to reach upper part of the table must show improving. This trip will be difficult, they weren't great in defense and against great offensive side as Valencia is just don't have much chances. Defender Sergi Gomez (11/1) won't be available due to an injury while midfielder Jozabed (12/0) is suspended.

Valencia must win in order to get back on winning tracks after that recent defeat, they are for sure capable to win and overcome guests which are decent but judging by their performances on travelings except that one against Barcelona i don't believe that will earn points, Valencia to win seems like only possible outcome for this encounter.

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