Arizona Coyotes vs Edmonton Oilers

Posted on 12 Jan 2018 21:17 CET | Tip viewed: 43 times

Bookmaker: Pinnacle | Tipster: Gimatu (Portugal)

Match date: 13 Jan 2018 | Sport: Ice Hockey | Competition: NHL

Odds: 4.21 | Stake: 7/10 | Pick: 1 (-1.5) | Match result: 2-4 - Lost

This is a game between two teams making a poor season but Arizona Coyotes has some value to win this game they had 2 days off.
Arizona Coyotes are making a poor season only 10 wins in the 43 games played and at home have 5 wins.
For this game Arizona Coyotes are without Rinaldo (31/2 f)
Edmonton Oilers are a littlr better than Arizona but they have lost 4 of the last 5 games and they lost the last 4 gamez away.
Edmonton Oilers has full squad for this game

My prediction is Arizona Coyotes ah -1.5

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