Pablo Cuevas vs ATP Buenos Aires

Posted on 12 Feb 2018 10:36 CET | Tip viewed: 97 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: BigPoppa (Romania)

Match date: 18 Feb 2018 | Sport: Tennis | Competition: ATP

Odds: 17.00 | Stake: 4/10 | Pick: P.Cuevas to win ATP Buenos Aires | Match result: Lost - Lost

Cuevas is excellent player on clay and he likes to play in South America. Off course he likes Sao Paulo most where he has won the title three times in a row. More important he has a title in Rio de Janeiro too so he is feeling comfortable in South America. His whole game is suited to the clay and he has excellent top spin strokes and more important his serve is very efficient. The Uruguayan is not from the top 4 seeded and I think this is better as he will gain vital match practice. His first opponent t Monfils will be significantly stronger than the second one but the French is looking out of from and more important Cuevas won the last match between them. Fognini should be the opponent on the quarter final and Cuevas has won before against him and also won the last match between them. Thiem should be on the semifinals and in the H2H the result is 2-2 with all matches held on clay. In my opinion Pablo Cuevas is ready to win the title.

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