Novara vs Cesena

Posted on 30 Mar 2018 10:59 CET | Tip viewed: 370 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Giovanni (Italy)

Match date: 30 Mar 2018 | Sport: Football | Competition: Italy Football

Odds: 2.00 | Stake: 8/10 | Pick: 1 | Match result: 1-0 - Won

Novara were among candidates for entering play offs in Italian Serie B in last campaign but due to a pretty bad results in last couple weeks failed to involve into race for promotion, this season however wasn't great at all and now are at opposite part of the table, they have equal number of points as teams into relegation zone and are above red line only due to a better goal difference.

In 33rd round of Serie B Novara are welcoming Cesena and only victory will be positive, hosts must win this match if they want to remain safe, they must lift their form for the next period and somewhere must start. In last game Novara suffered narrow defeat against Salernitana, they weren't outplayed but simple had lack of creativity and in second half couldn't avoid conceding a goal, one week before took one point at this stadium against Palermo but deserved that.

Novara as we already said dropped their form in comparison to a previous season, their defense was far from impressive while in attack ween't neither so great, now they must beat Cesena and at this moment they seems capable to outplay them. Defender Mantovani (21/0) and forward Sansone (17/1) are suspended while forward Chajia (17/2) is injured and won't play tonight.

Cesena on the other side also dropped their form in comparison to a previous season, they were out of danger then but now are down at 19th position and must show much more than so far in next period to reach safety and avoid relegation. In last 8 matches Cesena celebrated only once over Spezia on the road, in last 13 matches they avoided conceding a goal only once and i doubt that here against very motivated hosts can save their net.

Cesena simple failed to find their form in this season, they failed to achieve two consecutive victories since August and only seven times managed to beat the opponents, in duel with Novara at home in October got a draw and were solid but this time away from home i'm not so sure that will manage to confront to opponents which are coming here with only victory in their minds.

Cesena will play here with their strongest squad as have no problems with injuries or suspensions but still it will be difficult to earn something out of this game, despite Novara aren't among strongest teams in Serie B they still can be very dangerous in attack and this not so great defense will have a hard task to prevent them from scoring.

Novara can see this as a chance to secure position above red line, they can't afford failure, this is a good chance for home team to get back on winning tracks, guests are among candidates for relegation and weren't impressive on travelings, victory of Novara seems like a safe option here.

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