Ascoli vs Parma

Posted on 16 Apr 2018 09:23 CET | Tip viewed: 271 times

Bookmaker: Unibet | Tipster: Giovanni (Italy)

Match date: 16 Apr 2018 | Sport: Football | Competition: Italy Football

Odds: 2.25 | Stake: 8/10 | Pick: 2 | Match result: 0-1 - Won

Ascoli ended five points above red zone in last campaign in Serie B but this time they failed to remain safe and it will be difficult for them to survive, now three points separates them from safety but seven matches remained until the end and every point can be crucial now. In 36th round they will host Parma and against one of teams which are fighting for promotion it will be very hard to earn something.

Ascoli were defeated in last round away from home by Foggia with convincing result, they fall behind early and already after first 45 minutes conceded two goals, in 55th minute keeper Agazzi was sent off and they played last 35 minutes with one man less, it wasn't so difficult for opponents to score one more goal until the end and collect points, before that hosts had nice streak of three victories and one draw.

It will be hard to get back on winning tracks here as opponents are in really good form, their defense wasn't great at all and against Parma i just doubt that will keep a clean sheet. Ascoli can survive but they must play some good football until the end, still i doubt that will manage to achieve positive outcome against strong Parma tonight. Midfielders Bianchi (24/2), Carpani (23/3), Pinto (10/0), Martinho (9/0) and forward Favilli (12/5) are injured and will stay out of action while goalkeeper Agazzi (8/0) is suspended.

Parma are determined to get back among elite, as team which just came into Serie B they did a great job and are at 4th position at the table, they should keep their position in play of zone until the end at least although still have a chance to fight for second position and direct promotion, only two points are behind second placed Palermo and at this moment can't afford failures to keep up with them.

Parma divided points with 8th placed Cittadella in last round after goalless draw, they were slight better in that duel but in the end failed to score, before that had great series of four consecutive victories and i'm sure that tonight can celebrate and take all three points. Guests smashed Ascoli in their first duel in this season, at home scored four goals and saved their own net, however they are playing better at home stadium but still should be able to achieve positive result here.

Visitors have one of the best defenses in Serie B and they are for sure able to prevent hosts from scoring and at the same time they should break not so impressive defense. Parma are favorites with a reason and i'm sure that will win this duel and maybe climb up at the table. Defender Di Cesare (17/2), midfielders Scozzarella (23/0), Da Cruz (6/0), Scavone (25/3) and forward Ceravolo (13/4) are all injured and won't play tonight.

Ascoli are in problem, this match isn't coming in best moment for them, Parma are playing pretty good and are coming here with great motivation, they need this victory, most failures Parma had on travelings but here somehow it seems that it won't be so difficult to achieve their 17th victory in this campaign.

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