Milan vs Benevento

Posted on 21 Apr 2018 10:10 CET | Tip viewed: 314 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Giovanni (Italy)

Match date: 21 Apr 2018 | Sport: Football | Competition: Italy Football

Odds: 1.85 | Stake: 8/10 | Pick: G/G | Match result: 0-1 - Lost

Milan just can't be satisfied with their current form, they are at 6th position at the table and this position leads into Europa league qualifiers, however if they don't show some improving in next couple of games they won't be able to keep it, at this moment are two points above 7th placed Atalanta while chances to reach 5th position are very small as are nine points behind city rivals Inter.

In last four rounds Milan got four draws, three of them at home against Napoli, Sassuolo and Inter, in last round they traveled to Torino and maybe had a bit of luck to collect that one point, opponents had more chances and even missed a penalty. In Europa league Milan failed to achieve some remarkable results and were eliminated in 1/8 finals by Arsenal, in 34th round of Italian league they will host Benevento and victory is a must.

These two teams divided points in first match in this season and four goals was scored there, Benevento are without chance to survive and have nothing to lose here, that won't make this game much easier for Rossoneri, anyway here at home stadium they must end that winless streak and victory is what they can achieve for sure. Defenders Romagnoli (25/2), Conti (2/0) and midfielder Calhanoglu (27/3) are all injured and will stay out for this game.

Benevento didn't had much success in their first season in Serie A, they won promotion in last campaign but simple weren't good enough to stay here, after 33 games they are at 20th spot at the bottom of the table with 15 points less than safe placed Spal, they celebrated only four times so far and 14 points just can't be enough for surviving, here against Milan must play really great to earn something.

Guests conceded 78 goals so far and have worst defense in league, neither in offense weren't much better and in last five rounds they are without competitive motive but at least will try to leave a good impression in last matches in Serie A. In last game were defeated at home by Atalanta with convincing result, they conceded three goals there without proper answer and it's hard to believe that here can avoid another one.

Benevento celebrated only once in last 8 rounds against another relegation placed team Verona, all their victories so far were at home ground and i just doubt that will manage to overcome Milan on this trip. Defenders Antei (8/0), Costa (16/0), midfielders D'Alessandro (16/1), Memushaj (17/0) and Guilherme (11/2) are all injured and will stay out of action while defender Lucioni (8/0) will miss this game due to a suspension.

Milan are huge favorites for this duel, they must earn points in order to stay at position which leads into Europa league qualifiers, this was another not so successful season for hosts but for sure are stronger than Benevento which are coming here as complete outsiders but aren't without motivation to create some troubles for opponents, anyway defense of Milan wasn't so convincing and Benevento can at least score, both teams to score is my pick for this duel.

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