Levante vs Sevilla

Posted on 26 Apr 2018 21:37 CET | Tip viewed: 240 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: SLBFan (Portugal)

Match date: 27 Apr 2018 | Sport: Football | Competition: Spanish Football

Odds: 1.95 | Stake: 10/10 | Pick: 2 | Match result: 2-1 - Lost

Levante returned among Spanish elite and they seems to be out of danger to drop under the red line, this team stands at 17th position just above red line but they are nine points above Deportivo and this team shouldn't have a difficult task to remain safe, they are in good shape but in 35th round will face at home with Sevilla which although are a bit out of the tracks are still strong side and Levante must play very good football here to earn points. In first match against Sevilla in first half of the season hosts earned one point after goalless draw and that would satisfy them here.

In previous 8 rounds Levante were defeated only once by Atletico Madrid away from home, after winter break they were defeated only two times at home in Primera and it's difficult to outplay them in front of their crowd, however Sevilla are coming to this duel with imperative to win and it will be very hard top stop them. In last five meeting s with guests Levante failed to celebrated and got three draws while two times were defeated, they aren't without chances here although are underdogs but in the end i just doubt that will avoid defeat against opponents which have no other option except to win. Goalkeeper Raul Fernandez (11/0), defenders Cabaco (13/0), Tono (12/0), Ivan Lopez (3/0) and midfielder Doukoure (19/1) are injured and will remain sidelined, midfielders Ruben Rochina (2/0) and Lerma (24/0) are both suspended.

Sevilla on the other hand dropped to a 7th position at the table and this team won't play in Champions league for the next season, their current position leads them into Europa league qualifiers but only three points are behind 6th Villarreal and can climb up and win direct placement into Europa league group stage but off course they must lift their form to do that and here in duel with Levante must win at all costs and end that quiet long streak of 8 matches without single victory, last time they celebrated in March against Manchester United in Champions league when won progress into quarter finals but there were stopped by Bayern Munich.

Sevilla were smashed in last match in Spanish Cup finals five days ago by Barcelona, they conceded five goals in that match without answer, before that got three draws against Deportivo which are in red zone and Villarreal. Sevilla simple can't be satisfied with their form, this team achieved decent results but at this moment are in worst form since this season started and they must change something in their game. Out of last five matches at this stadium Sevilla celebrated only once, now simple must collect all three points and they are for sure capable to overcome decent Levante and end that winless streak. Defenders Kjaer (19/1), Carrico (5/0), Corchia (12/0), midfielders Correa (20/1) and N'zonzi (23/1) won't play here due to injuries.

Levante were good enough, they will probably keep their La Liga status for the next season but here are facing with Sevilla which are coming here to win and it will be really hard to confront to them, victory of Sevilla is what i'm convinced that will happen in this encounter.

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