Marseille vs Atl. Madrid

Posted on 16 May 2018 08:08 CET | Tip viewed: 140 times

Bookmaker: Unibet | Tipster: Hurtcore (Switzerland)

Match date: 16 May 2018 | Sport: Football | Competition: UEFA Europa League

Odds: 3.00 | Stake: 10/10 | Pick: Over 6.5 cards | Match result: 0-3 - Lost

I think that this is the perfect matchup for yellow cards. If you take a closer look or follow Ligue 1 and French league you can see more cards there than in other leagues, referees are showing them more often and odds are therefore lesser in bookmakers for French football divisions. Now we have Marseille competing in what could be a historic night for them and this match is so important for this club, but they must face Atletico Madrid that played in Champions League finals two times in recent years, losing both times to their fellow citizens.

Atletico Madrid are the most aggressive team you can find and under Diego Simeone they are aggressive "dogs" so to speak, constantly attacking and challenging their opponent. This really is a perfect matchup for cards because it involves a Ligue 1 that are competing in finals finally and La Liga's most violent aggressive team you can get.

Line for cards is set on 6 with over 5.5 for 1.90 odds but value here is on higher numbers. Remember that Atletico Madrid lost two final matches and if things don't go their way they might become violent, frustrated and aggressive which would be the perfect thing for this bet on cards. I think that red could also be given for either side, over 6.5 = 7 cards for odds 3.00 is a great bet for a final match involving Marseille and Atletico Madrid.

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