Rotherham vs Scunthorpe

Posted on 16 May 2018 11:29 CET | Tip viewed: 258 times

Bookmaker: Bet365 | Tipster: Charles (England)

Match date: 16 May 2018 | Sport: Football | Competition: England Other Football

Odds: 2.29 | Stake: 8/10 | Pick: 1 | Match result: 2-0 - Won

Rotherham are seeking for their ticket to return into Championship, after 46 rounds were at 4th spot at the table in League One and are in play offs. In first leg of semi finals four days ago they faced with Scunthorpe on the road and game ended without winner although Rotherham had a lead two times.

Hosts were relegated from Championship in previous campaign after really terrible season and ending at bottom of the table, in this one were decent and tonight are facing with opponents against whom have positive record. This is 4th meeting with Scunthorpe in this campaign and so far won two times with one draw in that recent game.

Rotherham are against most effective teams in league while they payed the price for such offensive approach in defense, now at home field i'm quiet sure that can break defense of guests. Since November Rotherham suffered only one defeat at home stadium and are playing quiet good in front of their crowd, now are in good shape and should win progress into finals.

This won't be an easy match for home team for sure, however judging by their current form and performances at home stadium i'm sure that can win tonight and eliminate guests. In first leg they achieved positive outcome and even goalless draw leads them into final round but how i see things they are for sure able to achieve victory here.

Midfielder Darren Potter (16/0) and forward Jamie Proctor (4/0) are injured and won't be in the squad, appearance of midfielder Jon Taylor (26/5) is still questionable.

Scunthorpe on the other hand are again in play offs but here must play some really great football to reach finals. They were among promotion contenders in previous campaign but at this stage were eliminated by Millwall, to eliminate same scenario tonight must play much better than in first encounter with Rotherham.

Scunthorpe are undefeated in last 8 matches on the road and in those games celebrated three times and got five draws, in last two even kept a clean sheet but it will be very hard to do the same tonight. Visitors are in quiet good form, in last two months are undefeated but now are facing with unpleasant hosts and to beat them must play really good.

They did a good job in attack and showed good goal scoring skills, defense wasn't impressive but still can be satisfied with their effort. Tonight victory is a must, this team must attack from start and impose their game but to outplay quiet good hosts must play much better than few days ago at home ground.

This is 4th season for Scunthorpe in League One, they arrived from League Two, in previous season were closest to win promotion in those four campaigns and now are still in game. Only victory would be positive tonight and they must beat Rotherham, however that will be a difficult task on this trip.

Forward Jonathan Margetts (0/0) is injured and will miss this match, first goalkeeper Matt Gilks (43/0) and forward Luke Williams (2/0) are both having problems with injuries and probably will stay out.

Home team did a quiet good job in this campaign and now are one step away from play offs finals, in front of them are another decent team and this should be an interesting match, still at this moment Rotherham are having slight advantage and at home stadium are for sure capable to celebrate.

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