9 players who are undropable in their teams

Although these footballers may not the most renowned football players, they play an important role in as far as maintaining the great performance of a team is concerned. For this reason, they are on every manager’s wish list and they always give their best as often as the need arises.

There is barely any successful team that does not have a single player that makes a difference each time one features in a match. The teams actually play better each time such a player is available and often appear more capable and confident during the course of play.

Let us take a good look at ten players that play a pivotal role in the success of their teams across Europe during this season.

1. Real Madrid’s Luka Modric

Undoubtedly, Luka Modric is important to his Real Madrid team.

The team is renowned for being the home of many superstars. Ronaldo, James, Bale and Isco are definitely good enough to feature in the Real Madrid team. But, they often depend on their midfielder Luka Modric to decimate a defence which is a hard nut to crack.

Real Madrid depended on Xabi Alonso’s expatriate passes ability to spray the ball, while Di Maria tore apart defences using his remarkable direct running attribute. Modric combines the attributes of both Alonso and Di Maria, which makes him one of the most valuable players to Real Madrid.

His ability to make tackles in defence, grab the ball from opponents and hand it over to the forward line is exceedingly stunning. He is remarkably calm when carrying the ball, a feat that most midfielders can only dream of especially when it comes to playing the ball into attack.

According to Slaven Bili, Modric is a player who is interested in making other players better since they all benefit from him when he is the team. He shows completeness and he is not selfish; good in both offence and defence.

2. Barcelona’s Sergo Busquets

Based on his prolific role in the team, Sergio Busquets is certainly the best defensive midfielder in the world. Despite having a front line which every world envies, Barcelona relies heavily on the midfield services of Sergio Busquets. He is the one who makes the entire system work. The midfielder is actually behind the dirty work that Barcelona are not capable of doing in his absence and in so doing ensures they play their good football.

Busquets plays a pivotal role in the Barca midfield and his national team in Spain. He is very hard working and uses his unique attributes such as ability to position himself perfectly, intelligence and defensive skills to actually read a match. Thanks to him, Barcelona’s tik-tak football is possible without actually getting into their defensive region.

Real Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos is the one who can sum up the midfielder’s prolific nature. Despite being arch rivals which once led to the sending off Ramos when the two encountered each other on the pitch, Ramos was quick to say this about Busquets; “I like many players in our team, but our team always needs Busquets.”

 3. Manchester United’s David De Gea

David De Gea is obviously considered by many as the best goal keeper in the world.

The Red Devils have endured a long spell of struggling following the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. But, David De Gea has perpetually performed brilliantly and has handed Manchester United vital points on a number of occasions, singlehandedly. 

At times, David has been able to defy the laws of physics including gravity and time by making some seemingly impossible stops. He remains one of the few remaining superstars of the Manchester United line up. Not surprising, he has already won the favour of Real Madrid who had almost bought him until the deal was cancelled on deadline day.

His presence makes a huge difference in the team and has bolstered United’s confidence with his excellent performances against arch rivals Liverpool and Chelsea. The Spaniard’s recent performance against Chelsea attracted praise from Luis VaNGaal who is usually adamant to give praise to an individual player. This time around he had no choice but to say: “De Gea made many important saves. Being almost goals, they were vital saves!”

Manchester United are obviously having a hard time keeping De Gea at Old Trafford should they fail to make it to any of the Champions league spots.

4.Chelsea’s Willian

Willian has been in the limelight for Chelsea this season.

The Blues have witnessed a miserable season and have spent most of the season in the bottom half of the log table. But, Willian has been putting up great performances in each and every game he has played in.

The Brazilian is full of pace, gifted and very hard working. Using his quick feet, ability to storm forward and accelerate towards goal, he is able to dribble past opponents at amazing speeds while being conscious of the position of his opponents and keeping the ball excellently controlled. 

He generally plays as an attacking midfielder, often said to be his right wing. The Brazilian uses his stamina, creativity and vision to enable him to combine play and come up with many goal scoring opportunities for his team mates. This season, Willian has also been a great free kick taker and has scored many goals from set pieces.

He was recently named as being among the top Champions League XI players during this season’s group stage, thanks to his consistent performance.


5. Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-EmerickAubameyang

There is a celebration that has become regular for Borussia Dortmund (BVB) supporters this season

Aubameyang has scored 28 goals after featuring in 29 games, thanks to an excellent form which he has enjoyed this season. The Gabon international has scored many great goals which have enabled him to fill the void left by Robert Lewandowski who has joined rivals Bayern Munich.

He is renowned for his remarkable pace and intelligence in his movements, which have enabled him to go past defences. In addition to his pace, he is also in possession of an excellent ability to run forward at great speeds.

Aubameyang is an indispensable figure of the Borussia Dortmund squad and contributes greatly to their style of play thanks to his quick pace which paves way for the team’s devastating counter attacks. Team mate, Neven Subotic believes that the Gabon international is a rare natural talent and someone very difficult to mark. He also added that he would not like to play against him and believes that no one would wish to play against him.

BVB will hope to see Aubameyang continue his goal tally for the rest of the season

6. Arsenal’s PetreCech

PetreCech has proven to be Arsenal’s most reliable player this season.

The Arsenal fans demanded a high profile goal keeper from the club’s manager Arsene Wenger on many occasions. No doubt, they have found a great goal keep in Cech who was signed at a giveaway fee of £10 million from their London rivals Chelsea. He has been exceedingly dependable this season. Prior to his departure from Chelsea, John Terry and captain of the Chelsea side said that PetreCech would actually grant Arsenal up to 12 or 15 points in a single season.

Already, Cech has made remarkable performances this season in many games including the games against Everton, Liverpool and Stoke. In recent times, Cech even managed to become the only goal keeper with the greatest number of clean sheets across the EPL. He made up to 174 clean sheets after featuring in 358 games.

The entire Arsenal team is fully aware of the importance of PetreCech in the team. Arsenal defender, Hector Bellerin said that the Cech’s presence actually makes the team defensive and solid since the players are aware of the fact that they have the best goal keeper in the league behind them. He also added the fact that Cech broke a record of clean sheets, a feat that keeps players confident knowing they have the goal covered by a great goal keeper.

Arsenal will hope to draw a lot of strength from PetreCech’s experience as they run after the Premier league title this season.

7. Bayern Munich’s David Alaba

David Alaba is arguably the most versatile player the football fraternity has ever seen

He has played for Bayern Munich since 2008 and has emerged to be among the most complete players in the world following the coming of Pep Guardiola. He is essentially a left back, but has played in various positions including midfield, centre back and left wing.

Alaba is renowned for his strength, quickness and a unique ability to lay great passes. These attributes are the ones that have made him indispensable as described by all the managers he has worked with. He is also a great free kick taker and has managed to convert a good number of free kicks in the most spectacular fashions known today.

Undoubtedly, there is no weakness that is known to the Austrian. This may explain why Pep has a lot of love for him. According to Pep, Alaba is a god of Bayern Munich having played in more than 10 positions already. He also added that Alba is a player that is willing to award everything to his team for purposes of propelling it to greater heights, an attitude that Pep greatly admires.

David Alaba will prove to be indispensable to the team as Badstuber and Boateng remain injured and thus leave the defence line rather exposed.

8. Juventus’ Leonardo Bonucci

He is not said to be at the centre of Jeventus’ defence for nothing. The Italian has been a prolific figure of the Italian defence this season and a few seasons back leading to Juventus’ dominance of the Serie A. He is often said to be a great centre-back and makes the heart of the defense. The Italian, uses his skills to launch timed attacks and feed forwards using his long passes and also shows great anticipation in the process.

 9. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)-Blaise Matuidi

His hard work in midfield have accounted for PSG’s great form throughout the course of the season. Despite being among the great players such as the likes of Angel Di Maria, Cavani and Ibrahimovic, he can still be spotted out even though he is not a superstar himself.

According to the way his teammates have descried him, he never gets tired and he has covered any kind of field for his team. He is renowned for his fierce attacking abilities and ability to bring to book strikers. His skills will prove to be pivotal in PGS’s Champions League campaign.


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