Five players rivals clubs would love to see playing for their team

Football fans are often filled with envy when their favourite football club’s arch rivals are in possession of world renowned players. In cases where the same players happen to perform so remarkably that they cost their favourite club important points, the feeling of envy intensifies.

Numerous players all over the world are actually so good that rival fans would not help but welcome them to their club. A perfect example is Luis Figo who switched to Real Madrid from Barcelona.

The following is a list of five players who rival fans would love to see at their club.

1.Harry Kane playing for Arsenal

Arsenal have conceded three goals courtesy of Harry Kane in their derby fixtures against Spurs. He is one of the many young players to have discovered form under the management of Mauricio Pochettino and is now among the best football young talents. Last season, his two goals against Arsenal guided his side to a scarce London derby win. He replicated his form for last season and managed to score against Arsenal when the two sides met this season. As Arsenal’s search for the first league title since 2004 continues, they need to beef up their team of strikers.  French striker, Olivier Giroud has performed exceptionally well this season. Nonetheless, Kane’s presence would make a huge difference at Arsenal.

A young Kane was once pictured celebrating in the Gunner’s kit. It could be that he is secretly an Arsenal fan who would relish a chance to play in a Gunner kit.

2.Sergio Aguero playing for Manchester United

The Argentine has netted seven goals in all the fixtures involving Manchester City and Manchester United. He is undoubtedly the best striker playing in the English Premier League and the only South American to be leading the goal tally across England.

Although Aguero has scored seven goals against Manchester United, the goal that hurt the Red Devils most is the one he scored against QPR during the 2011/2012 season final fixture to hand City their first trophy since 1935.

In the recent past, Manchester United has been characterised by a goal scoring drought following Rooney’s erratic performance. The fans will definitely remember the gloom associated with Aguero’s day against QPR, but they would obviously relish a move for the Argentine to join Manchester United.

3.Andres Iniesta playing at Real Madrid

Recent fixtures involving the two sides have seen Real Madrid fans applauding Iniesta. Although improving the Real Madrid squad is somewhat tricky, the midfield is one of their weakest areas.

Both Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are excellent central midfielders who possess excellent passing abilities. But, they lack the much needed ability to dribble into the eighteen yard box. Worse still, James Rodriguez and Isco are lacking consistency in performance.

The Real Madrid squad can actually welcome the coming of Iniesta, a player with a rare sacrificial attitude and ability to create chances for his fellow team mates.

Undoubtedly, he is a magician at controlling the ball and perhaps the only one who rivals Messi in this area. A move to Real Madrid would obviously propel Zidane’s side to greater heights. The Spaniard was this season applauded by Real Madrid fans when the two sides met in a fixture which saw Barcelona score four unanswered goals at the Bernabeu.

4.Santi Cazorla playing for Chelsea

Carzola has prided himself as one of Arsenal’s best players for the season. Their London rivals and defending champions have endured an unbelievable poor season far below their standards. With the blues still stuck in the bottom half of the table, reaching the Champions League may not even be possible. This can be attributed to the poor performance of their central midfield especially Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabregas who despite being in great form last season; have failed to mirror their performance for last season. With Ramirez gone to China, the blues have no one to rely on.

Carzola is currently playing as central midfielder following Wenger’s reinvention of the player, who initially played as a midfielder on the wings. But, he has an exceptional ability to control the tempo of the game. His absence due to injury is currently being felt by his fellow team mates. Chelsea have shown signs of a central midfield void that can only be filled by players of Carzola’s calibre.

 5.David De Gea playing for Liverpool

De Gea’s current season performance has been spectacular.

Liverpool’s goal has not been well guarded following Pepe Reina’s 2013 departure. Although Simon Mignolet has performed well on certain occasions, his many huge mistakes have cost Liverpool vital points. Adam Bogdan and Brad Jones have both failed to impress when given a chance to wear the gloves.

Their arch rivals Manchester United are in possession of a goal keeper who has secured more vital points for the team compared to the strikers. He was also voted player of the season for the past two seasons and appears set to attain the same feat this season. David has played a pivotal role in keeping Manchester United where they are on the league table. No doubt, keeping the Spaniard was the best that United achieved in the summer transfer window.

Liverpool have endured an excruciating episode of toil and torment against their arch rivals as the Reds have struggled to put a ball past De Gea. In the last four meetings between the two sides, the Spaniard has guided Louis Van Gaal’s side to triumphs thanks to his vital saves. Despite Liverpool’s significant improvement under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool fans would definitely welcome the Spaniard in a bid to dispel their goal keeping gloom.


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