At the end of every calendar month, delivers a sum of 400 Euros in total to our top 4 tipsters. Prizes are distributed in the following scheme: 150-120-80-50. Payments will be processed with Skrill by the 15th of the next month. Every first of the month, tipsters will be notified about the final standings via e-mail.


Winners will be those that have the highest monthly profit. If two or more tipsters have the same profit, we will rank them by yield (ROI) in the given month.


Tipsters must have at least 10 written picks/previews in a related month and must end up with profitable balance in order to be eligible for the prize.


You can write 1 and only 1 pick/bet for the same game. One bet and one preview is only allowed per one game by the same tipster.


You are not allowed to pick a bet with under 1.30 odds.


Pick posting time in minimum three hours before the kick-off of the selected game.


Previews must be written with understanding English language and must contain valuable informations. Short previews without much information and poor English will be deleted and tipster will be removed.


You can get squad news from news specialized sites too, but you have to write your own words as well. Previews that will contain only news from other websites without personal writings will be deleted immediately. Tipster that will copy somebody else's writing will be removed from website. Original content is a must here. We will have zero toleration towards tipsters who copy other's work.


Maximum number of picks per day is 10 per tipster. This however doesn't mean that you should always chase ten picks per day in order to get the prize.


Four preview/picks are allowed to be published for the same game. This means that four tipsters are allowed to write for the same game, while fifth preview will be deleted. In case there is small time difference between fourth and fifth preview, we reserve the right to keep the fifth as well, as there was reasonable time difference for the tipster to avoid writing fifth.


Do not post always with the highest available stake. Odds x Stake product can't be higher than 30 (script checks it automatically when you are posting a pick) in case the stake is 5 or higher. Stakes of 4 or less have no odds/product limit whatsoever.


In case of technical mistake by a tipster when submitting a tip, tipster should repost it via the comments section is shortest possible time. Otherwise, it's up to administrators to decide how to proceed with settling the pick.


We will take CET (Central European Time) into consideration when settling the picks at the last day of competition and kick-off time in CET. Everything that starts after 23:59 CET on the last day of month, will be counted for the next month's competition.


Available bookmakers for odds selection are pointed in the drop-down menu and use of other bookmakers is not possible.


Picks will be settled according to the rules of bookmaker at which they were advised to bet on. For example, tennis retirements will be settled differently depending on the bookmaker's rules. However, no specific country/bonus/special match offers will be taken into consideration.


Tipsters that will constantly underperform and reach -180 units will be removed from the tipping team.


Try to be serious and reasonable in every aspect. Respect the readers that are reading your previews and trying to make some money from it.


Keep the same dedication. Tipsters who will apply with a quality preview, but decrease in quality of writing once they are approved might be removed from the tipping team.


One person (household) can have only one account.


Administrators have the right to delete at any time account(s) which are violating any competition rule, also those that are inactive for a long time.


Any rule change will be announced in a proper way on website and via tipsters mailing list.

Tipsters competition is always looking to recruit new tipsters who want to predict and write about matches in different leagues and sports.

Be a part of the website where you can both share and get valuable informations and quality picks.

Get noticed in the betting world, make a proofed betting record as it can help you to get a job in the betting business.

Win monthly prizes!

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Top tipsters this month

1 Nistaone 103.64
2 Popescu 99.33
3 Alcuni 90.25
4 Stefancina91 71.83
5 Kl1ncunt 69.14
6 SLBFan 43.49
7 Rais75 29.24
8 Dajkula 23.11
9 Alexis1016 16.32
10 Jamie04 16.02
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Top tipsters of all time

1 Dajkula 277.84
2 Nickster 218.16
3 Burlator 212.72
4 Alexis1016 147.29
5 Keysersoze 112.64
6 VanPersist 98.58
7 Alberto 97.41
8 Rais75 92.05
9 Dmccooper 80.40
10 Stefancina91 71.83
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Top tipsters by yield (%)

1 Jiaho 74.52
2 Burlator 36.18
3 Stefancina91 31.64
4 Nickster 27.37
5 Dr 22.21
6 Kl1ncunt 17.50
7 InfoHunter 16.96
8 Alberto 16.68
9 Gazza 15.09
10 Rais75 14.21
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25.05.2017 Raonic M. - Elias G. Stefancina91 @2.32
24.05.2017 Ajax - Manchester United Jamie04 @1.83
24.05.2017 Ajax - Manchester United Popescu @1.45
24.05.2017 Ajax - Manchester United PatrickBateman @1.95
24.05.2017 Ajax - Manchester United Kl1ncunt @3.50
24.05.2017 Club Nacional - Lanus Stefancina91 @2.10
24.05.2017 KuPS - SJK SLBFan @2.30
24.05.2017 Panathinaikos - AEK Athens SLBFan @2.02
24.05.2017 VPS - Ilves DrDzo @3.75
24.05.2017 Chapecoense - Zulia Kl1ncunt @2.60
24.05.2017 Jeju - Urawa Kl1ncunt @4.70
24.05.2017 Omiya Ardija - Shimizu Kl1ncunt @2.00
24.05.2017 Costa Rica U20 - Portugal U20 Kl1ncunt @1.92
24.05.2017 Shanghai SIPG - Jiangsu Suning Kl1ncunt @2.08
24.05.2017 CRB - Santa Cruz Stefancina91 @1.95
23.05.2017 MuanghThong - Kawasaki Stefancina91 @2.44
23.05.2017 Paris FC - Orleans Alcuni @3.12
23.05.2017 Benevento - Spezia SLBFan @2.30